Life Behind the Bar

On Christmas Day, at age 12, I vigorously shook my first martini for my grandmother. She also taught me to make an old fashioned and a whiskey sour that day. I was hooked. Through my teens I memorized every classic cocktail recipe in her vintage 1970 recipe book. I became the family bartender and then trained for my first bartending job at age 19.

Through my adult years, I held other positions, but ultimately came back to bartending. Although I love making drinks, the part of the job that comes easiest to me is the people.

I've witnessed break-ups, break-downs, broken bones, broken hearts, lost jobs, lost love, a couple of lost teeth, celebrations, weddings, hook-ups, throw up, people falling down and people falling in love.

I dedicate this blog to bars, bartenders, drinks and drinkers everywhere. I'd like to share my bar stories, thoughts and experiences with you. Cheers!

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